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Piecing the Sound Together

They say that sound is 50% of a performance or film.  For me it is everything.  The most powerful, yet frequently misunderstood or underestimated element of live performance. 


Sound has the ability to affect an audience without them even being aware of the power it holds over them.

I often like to work with sound in a subtle way.  I don't think it should overpower in the theatre - it is there to support the story and is at its most powerful when an audience aren't overtly aware of it.  Without it being in the front of their consciousness it can hold a profound power over people.  This doesn't mean however that it can't be loud or bold when the time is right!

But at all times sound should be adding something else to a scene, heightening the moment, not detracting or getting in the way.  I don't like sound for sounds sake!


Sound sequences from shows

It is quite difficult to represent sound design out of context.  I like to work (wherever possible) with multiple speakers around the theatre, wrapping the audience in sound and bringing them into the world of the piece.  There will be cues within the sound intended to follow actions on the stage, but these no longer have context when removed from the action.  The examples here have all been mixed to stereo, and I've tried to keep as much of the timing as it would have been on the stage.

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